Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christine Jorgensen

Sex Geek of the Month

Christine Jorgensen
 (May 30, 1926 – May 3, 1989)

Christine Jorgensen was born George William Jorgensen, Jr., a former GI and the first recipient of a sex reassignment surgery that included hormone replacement therapy.

At an early age, Jorgensen became aware of feeling like a woman stuck inside a man’s body. She said that she felt “lost between the sexes.” 
Unfortunately, Jorgensen had to put her interest aside when she was drafted into the military in 1945. Being of a small and slight build, she ended up working as a clerk at Fort Dix, New Jersey. After being discharged in 1946, Jorgensen floundered for a bit before deciding to become a woman.
In 1950, Jorgensen traveled to Denmark to begin the transformation from man to woman. The treatment, available only in Europe at the time, included hormone therapy and several operations. Her story became public in 1952 while she was still in a Copenhagen hospital, making big news in the United States.
In 1989, the year of her death, that she had given the sexual revolution "a good swift kick in the pants". She died of bladder and lung cancer four weeks short of her 63rd birthday.

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