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Sex Toy Review:

From nsnovelties

Introduced 3-26-12

Kinky Kraken gives this toy: 8/10 Caresses
Samus Andress gives this toy: 7/10 Caresses

Total Naked Geek score:   7.5/10 Caresses

"Beautiful in both form and function, the Alise massager is made of 100% pure body-safe platinum silicone. Soft to the touch, yet firm enough for both vaginal and anal penetration, this flexible massager is the ultimate in luxury. The Alise massager features 7 distinct stimulating functions and is virtually silent at all times. With no detail overlooked, this massager features a long-lasting rechargeable power supply and is completely waterproof. This item comes beautifully packaged in a gift box." 

Oh, Alise!

I've been looking for a long time for a well put together rechargeable vibrator. The problem is they are expensive. I find it hard to justify spending a lot of a vibrator when there are much cheaper ones around. After looking for good deals and doing my research I chose this not-so-little gem. I am very glad I did. I was way to excited to get it after ordering it online. Once I finally got it I spent a lot time playing around with it using all the settings, taking it in to the shower, etc. Through this process it has become one of my favorite toys in my little sex toy stash. There are many reasons why.

For a start it's waterproof, so I can take it in the bath or shower with me. It is very quiet with out sacrificing in power of vibrations. The body of the vibrator is flexible which is great because it can be bent up to give subtle vibrations on the clit. The shape of it means that no matter how much my I move around it stays in place. It can be used both externally and internally. Also it's not thin like some vibrators can be. I am not a size queen when it comes to my sex toys but I like it to have a little girth to it. Also it has a velvety texture to it is very pleasing. It has multiple settings and seems to hold an infinite amount of charge. Alright not that much but I hardly ever have to plug it in.

The only critiques I have are: 

That I wish it was more powerful. Don't get me wrong it has nice strong vibrations I just wish it took it up and extra notch. Also it has a nice pulsating setting but it has an awkward pause between the set of pulses which can be very annoying. All and all it's a great toy and if you are on the fence about getting it I say gibe it a whirl. You are bound to have a good time. ;)

What a lovely toy! 

Alise has an oddly bulbous head (that takes a little maneuvering and sliding to get it to hit just the right spot. Yum!) and several different settings that make for a nice change up between the sheets. 

She's an attractive little devil, that fits well despite her odd size. And, although she's not as powerful as your standard bullet, she has some nice features (like being bendable, quiet & waterproof.)


Comes in both pink and plum.

Basically the bulbous head and slimmer "waist" make an attractive, albeit simple looking vibrator. The buttons are small and smooth, and the base conceals the charging port with a small piece of silicone.


  • Length - 7 1/4"
  • Insertable Length - 3"
  • Girth - 5 1/2" around at largest
  • Width - 1 1/2" at widest


Alise has 7 functions to cycle through, varying in intensity and patterned vibrations.

Although she's not incredibly powerful, she is certainly nice if you're giving yourself some time to play.


This vibrator is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and I have yet to need to recharge her (Not that I'm using her everyday, mind you, but it's still a nice long battery life.)


Ultra quiet! 


For the amount of money that she retails at she better be durable! And, that's the impression I get from her-- she seems like a long time friend. 


The website boasts that this toy is made out of a hypoallergenic 100% pure body-safe platinum silicone (stick with a water based lube)

So, although the slight smell of the material itself had me worried upon opening the box, I'm not worried about chemical leeching into my lady bits.


$119.99- 169.99


The box directs you to:

Wash toy after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water (Pretty important if you're applying lube liberally). Then dry with soft cotton towel and allow to air dry completely. 

product picture
Traditional vibrator by NS Novelties
Material: Silicone

Great selection of vibrators

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