Sunday, November 11, 2012

Comment Contest!

As a special treat for Penis week, we're having a comment contest!

A prize (a real prize!) goes to the most entertaining answer to the following question:

Who do you think would be better in bed:

Nathan Fillion or Robert Downey Jr?


Comment below to enter!

We'll announce the winner on:

 Saturday, November 17, 2012

We'll follow up with you via email to send your fabulous prize!

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Don't be shy!


 -- Kinky Kraken & Samus Andress



  1. Replies
    1. Ah, yes, this contest is geared toward those who're in the mood for a man between their sheets. Don't worry! Our next contest will be featuring some scantily clad ladies for your viewing pleasure. <3

  2. Nathan obviously. He is funny and likes to make a woman laugh, so he obviously cares how he makes you feel, which carries into the bedroom and your orgasm. Also, he knows how to take control which I personally enjoy. Plus he has been to space and is a best selling author and looks great in a long duster or a sharp suit, which works great if you are into role play.

    1. Good points! Anybody think that Robert Downey jr will be the one to rock your socks off?

  3. Mmmmmm Robert Downey Jr. all the way! He's the type of guy that knows what he wants.

    1. Oooo... sounds like you like a man who is in charge ;). We can relate. Anyone want to break the tie to declare an ultimate winner between those two sexy men?