Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Role Play

 Role Play


Happy Halloween!

Ah, Halloween. My favorite holiday! And not just cause of the candy. Halloween is day where you can become anyone you want, you can let out your inner sexy or you can act out your inner fantasies.

You know what the best part about Halloween is!?! Role play! I know that’s what you were all thinking!

So, Ladies and Gents, don’t throw away your Halloween costumes, you can get more than just candy!

This is a great time to broach the subject with your partner. Isn’t dressing up in costumes childish and silly? My answer to that is of course it is silly but that’s the point you laugh you have fun. Since when does sex have to be serious?

Or perhaps you are worried that if your partner wants you dress up as someone else that means they don’t want you. My answer to that is: of course not.

Be confident! Really go for it!

You will be surprised how much fun it is. They aren’t saying they want you to be Spiderman forever, just pretend for a night.  

We’re all human, and we’re all attracted to different things. It doesn’t make you a horrible person to want someone or something. Role play can get a bad name, because people tend to think of it in an extreme kind of way—like BDSM or a Furrie kind of way—and those can scare you off if they’re not your bag.

Role playing can be as simple as picking up your significant other in a bar—as if you were strangers, or as complicated as the ropes course in the Circe De Solei. The best part is that you get to decide how far you want to go!

Some of you might say that you are not into this sort of thing. I would like to call bull on that statement. You might not be a furry but have you ever watched a movie and been really turned on by one of the characters? Are you turned on by the actor themselves (that you totally know personally) or are you turned on by how that actor portrays that character? If the answer is the former, well then congratulations to you for bedding Johnny Depp, (or whoever) but if it is the more likely answer of the latter, then you need to have a heart to heart with yourself and realize that you are totally in to people dressed up in costumes. (And quite frankly if you are dating an actor, you probably are into it anyway).

My point is that everyone is looking for ways to spicy up their love life. Even if you have the best sex ever if it’s the same night after night it’s going to get a bit same-y.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about role play for a while, but aren’t sure how to let your partner know that you picked up the Indiana Jones hat and whip a few weeks back for them. Here’s where to start. Go far away from the bed room, get a cup of coffee and have a nice rational discussion so that your partner can have the knee jerk reaction of No, before they start thinking about how hot you might be in Leia’s golden bikini.

So, let’s play!

You don’t have to be elaborate.

I recommend having a couple of accessories in a drawer by the bed for some impromptu role play. A bandana can turn you into a robber or a cowboy or you can tie it in your hair and be the farmer’s daughter. Handcuffs can make you a cop. Want to be a superhero? Take a blanket and tie it around your neck as a cape. 

That’s where your old Halloween costumes come in to play! Keep them around and use them for endless possibilities. Your sexy nurse costume from last year’s office party is just begging to be worn for your partner. Any costume with the word sexy in the title is meant to be worn in the bedroom!

Improv is important here—there’s no negation in role play. Roll with those punches! You’re a mermaid? Sweet, ‘cuz I’m a pirate and I want some booty! Don’t get too stuck on the little details, you’re not LARP-ing here, this is just for fun.

Don’t put too much effort in it. This doesn’t have to be an exact replica of that one episode of whatever. Just give a general impression, remember that more than likely all those clothes and props are going to end up on the floor of your bedroom anyway.

You can always hit up the thrift store for some cheap clothes that are meant to be torn off of you. Anything in your home can become a prop in your scene if you use your imagination.

Don’t think about how ridiculous you might look or whether or not you are a good actor. That’s not the point. The point is to have fun pretending to be someone else for a while you aren’t Jill worried about bills being paid or if the kids have lunch for the next day you are wonder woman there to save your man or the princess being taken by the sexy but evil knight.

You’re going feel silly, but you’re also going to feel sexy. Embrace it!

Here’s a couple of classic (and not so classic) Role Play’s to get you started

-- Kinky Kraken & Samus Andress

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