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What Kind of Vibrator Do You Need?

Another awesome article from the brilliant writers at The Frisky!

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Flowchart: What Kind Of Vibrator Do You Need?

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One of the perks of my job at The Frisky is I get sent a lot of vibrators. This is great, as I avidly practice self-love and think every womanneeds to have a vibrator. But with so many vibes on the market — seriously, there are tonssssss – how’s a gal to choose? This flowchart should help! Each of these has been tried and tested by yours truly so get ready to get your buzz on! Details on each model and where to buy, after the jump!
Vibrator: We-Vibe 3
Ideal for: Couples who are lookin’ to take things up a notch for both of them.
Perks: Waterproof, hands-free
Buy it: $139 
Vibrator: Crave Duet
Ideal for: Busy ladies who travel light.
Perks: Waterproof, built-it USB drive stores files and charges via your computer
Buy it: $149
Vibrator: Form 2
Ideal for: Women who know exactly what gets them off, don’t need too many bells and whistles.
Perks: Waterproof, compact, strong vibration.
Buy it: $145
Vibrator: OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH
Ideal for: Gals who want to groove when they get off — this vibe pulses to music and can be worn in your undies.
Perks: The aforementioned music responsiveness and portability. Plus it’s cheaper than most of the others.
Buy it: $79 
Vibrator: Hitachi Magic Wand
Ideal for: Ladies who don’t have time to fuck around — this bitch works fast.
Perks: Not many — and you have to plug it into the wall — but let me assure of a few things: you will come, you will come hard, and in under three minutes.
Buy it: $54.95 
Vibrator: Rabbit Habit
Ideal for: Women who want the option of penetration, in addition to clit stimulation. Also, “Sex and the City” diehards.
Perks: The shaft rotates! Whee!
Buy it: $90

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